• What is needed to shop at Green Picks?

    Shopping at Green Picks is simple and comfortable.
    All you need to do is download the app, register, and scan the entry code.
    Select your items and go! It’s as simple as that!
    For a more detailed understanding of the process,
    visit our App page or contact our Costumer Support

  • How can I verify my purchase after leaving the store?

    A detailed receipt will be sent to your cellphone/email right after you leave the store. 

  • What happens if I have any problem/question while I'm shopping?

    Don’t worry! There’s always a Green Picks‘ employee available to assist you whenever you need help.
    Additionally, you can contact our Customer Support at any time.

    For immediate assistance, call us at: (404) 301-3252.

  • Will I find meat, fish and dairy products at Green Picks?


    At Green Picks, our wide range of products is curated with a specific focus:
    Delivering only top-tier, high-quality foods!
    You won’t find any GMOs or fatty products in our selection.